CMS UlterSuite

We've created the good content management system and continuously develope and improve it.

What is it?

Content management system “UlterSuite” is a tool for creation of a dynamic website and the further administration of its content.

Using CMS UlterSuite you will be able to:

Moreover, “UlterSuite” is an open system. That means that if standard modules do not satisfy your requirements, we can develop additional specific modules. As an example of such a module we can mention e-commerce website UlterShop.

Why do I use a content management system?

If you value your clients…

… then your site has to be interactive. It has to contain only up-to-date information about your activities. Give clients an opportunity to ask the questions of interest about your company. Let them communicate to each other using the forum (by the way, you can make it restricted to avoid risk of being abused by web-hooligans). Reading the forum, you will have the first-hand information that will allow you to increase the quality of your products and services and outrun your competitors. Using mail list to notify your clients of company news, new products, services and prices is a perfect addition to your marketing programs. If you already have the CRM or you are planning obtain one in the nearest future, a web site should become one of its components.

Content management system should provide you with all of the above-mentioned possibilities.

If you are only starting to create a website…

… then it makes a sense to control it from the very beginning. Non-updateable site is a waste of the development money, but the site updateable by external specialists implies absolutely useless modification expenses.

If your site does not bring you anything but provider bills…

… then it is obvious that it does not perform its duties. Perhaps, the site visitors run away from the first page when they see that latest news are dated by the year before last? Or they could not find an actual price list? Or do they get lost in tons of pages, not finding what they need with the help of search engine of the site? Content management system gives you an opportunity to provide your visitors with the information they really need, so they could become your clients.

Why UlterSuite?

Integrated approach

Our company is ready to supply you with the variety of services concerning creation and maintenance of the website.

We are ready to provide:

Proven solution

“UlterSuite” Content management system is successfully used on the websites created by our company since year 2000. You can familiarize yourself with some of these websites in “Our work” section. Our own website, of course, uses the same content management system.

Platform-independency and scalability

System is implemented in Java programming language using J2EE techniques, which guarantees platform and operating system independency (application was tested on Linux, Sun Solaris and Windows NT/2000). Usage of JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) allows switching databases used for information storage.

I have some questions…

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